MOMART is a trustworthy address, for treatment under the care of specialized doctors and experienced health care proffesionals, patient-oriented services, quality policy, advanced medical technology, diagnosis and treatment units and comfortable patient rooms that combine knowledge and experience with personal care.

Our Fields of Experience (Our services)

The MOMART Clinic is trying to find solutions to many different medical issues from recurrent IVF failures cases to mothers of advanced age, from severe male sterility to recurrent miscarriages. Our team, which has made intensive efforts for the success of in vitro fertilization and has carried out important researches in this field, has also applied preimplantation genetic diagnosis methods in families who are at risk of genetic diseases.

Infertility and IVF

The consultatin of couples who have difficulties in having children in our clinic is done in detail...

Pregnancy and Delivery

In our clinic we follow up our patients from inoculation to birth and all necessary tests are...


We provide gynecological examination, smear test and breast control which are an important...

Urological Diseases

Urological diseases include urinary tract, kidney, bladder, penis, testis, prostate disorders...

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