Infertility diagnosis is not the end.
Many treatment options are available today!

Infertility and IVF (Invitro Fertilization)

The process of couples who have difficulties in having children in our clinic is done in detail and a treatment plan is prepared. Repeated in vitro fertility, recurrent abortions, reduced ovarian reserve (low AMH, high FSH), advanced age in women, polycystic ovarian syndrome and chocolate cysts have been our areas of experience for many years. Andrology consultation is being done for couples with male-derived infertility. During the IVF treatment period, all the necessary current techniques are used which are proven to be useful, and our long-term 'difficult patients' are being treated in the light of our experience. In addition to in vitro fertilization treatments, UIU (Intrauterine Insemination) treatment is also applied in appropriate pairs.

Pregnancy and Delivery

In our clinic we follow up our patients from inoculation to birth and all necessary tests are...


We provide gynecological examination, smear test and breast control which are an important...

Urological Diseases

Urological diseases include urinary tract, kidney, bladder, penis, testis, prostate disorders...

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